• РROVEN ADVANTAGE The СОМРAСТ 11 is a quarter turn rack& pinion pneumatic actuator that is patented worldwide. The superiority of the СОМРAСТ 11 actuator over single and double rack & pinion actuator designs, results from the four pistons which generate torque around a centrally located pinion, thereby giving more than double the torque achieved by these other designs. The increased number of pistons in the actuator allows their diameter to be reduced while maintaining its high torque. This also allows the overall size of the actuator to be reduced and become more compact. SUPERIOR CORROSION RESISTANCE The body and covers are anodized internally and externally, providing protection against ingress of corrosive atmosphere. An external epoxy base layer and a second polyurethane paint provides additional protection against aggressive environments. LESS WEAR With its unique 4-piston design, the Compact 11 achieves a more uniform load distribution than do single and double piston actuators, therefore greatly reducing gear wear at the points of contact between rack and pinion. The force-balanced piston with its shorter stroke prevents uneven wear of 0-rings, gear and pistons. This eliminates the need for bearings and reduces the number of soft parts, thereby resulting in longer maintenance schedules and low cost of repair kits. The high surface finish of the four cylinder is protected from wear due to the hardened surface created by the anodizing treatment.